Top Garage Door Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

The garage door in a home is regarded as the biggest moving part and is often used multiple times in a day. If you have put off your routine maintenance on this costly part, maintenance can often lead to repairs that are costly. Below are a few garage door tips to follow to help you with avoiding these costs. Listen And Look One of the best preventative steps you can use is to watch your garage door when in action each time you open or close the door. Does the door Does the door move smoothly or does it jerk in specific places?

Craftsman Homes Built America’s Dream

A little love nest beside a stream, where red, Red roses grow, our bungalow of dreams. Far from the city somehow it seems, We’re sitting pretty in our bungalow of dreams. Thus went the chorus of “Our Bungalow of Dreams,” a song written in 1927 that reflects widespread affection for a building style that swept across America as the 20th century was born. Today these distinctive Arts and Crafts homes still grace cities from California to Cape Cod, retaining the elegance and grace of an aesthetic, social and industrial movement. The story began in England and was largely authored by William Morris whose home decorating themes stood in almost stark contrast to the guilded and ornate households of the Victorian Age.

Elements and Examples of Beam Design

The elements of beam design is a topic of great interest for structural engineers and contractors. Beam design is integral in the design and construction of a structure. Most structural beams are comprised of wood, steel or concrete. Each of these construction materials reacts differently under the stress of a load. Each also has its own unique advantages. Elements and Examples of Beam Design: Concrete Beams Concrete beams are most often seen in commercial construction, such as in the erection of multi-level parking decks, hospitals, and large hotels. Concrete beams are also commonly used as bridge and highway supports. Some concrete beams are used in conjunction with steel beams to provide added strength.