Bathroom renovations are never a cheap undertaking. That is exactly why it is wise to carefully calculate how much everything will cost you before you finally begin to throw out your present bathroom items. This will help you determine whether or not you can truly afford the entire procedure or if it would be wiser to wait several months until you collect sufficient funds.

It is quite impossible for you to calculate your particular bathroom renovation costs to every single cent, since as with all home renovation projects, there’s always the possibility of unwanted surprises that are impossible to foretell before the renovation begins. Nevertheless, you may certainly determine your bathroom renovation costs extremely accurately if you pay close attention to the following tips:

1. New bathroom fixtures:

This is probably the simplest part of your bathroom renovation project calculations. All you have to do is just determine what you require and how much it will all cost. The total price of your new bathroom fixtures eventually depend on your bathroom size, the fixtures you want replaced and your own individual preferences when it comes to design, materials and style.

2. Scale of the renovation project:

It is an obvious idea that the more extensive and complicated your renovation is the higher the overall price will be. Adding in new fixtures, relocating them, etc. will dramatically increase the bathroom renovation price. Therefore, if you’d like to remain within your set financial budget, then it is definitely advised to go through your wishes carefully.

3. Removing your old bathroom:

Removing your old bathtub, toilet, ceramic tiles, and so on is pretty hard labor, which would cost you quite a bit of cash if you decide to hire a professional to do it. The fact of the matter is that you can’t really ruin anything if you decide to remove your old bathroom all by yourself, which is why we recommend that you consider performing a DIY project if you have the time for it.

4. Installing the new bathroom:

You can theoretically install the new bathroom all by yourself, but we believe that it is a smart idea to leave the installation part of the renovation to the true professionals unless you are absolutely confident that you can perform it well. Of course this will increase the overall costs of your renovation project, but then again ruining your all-new bathroom would be much more expensive.

5. Special problems:

Before you install your new bathroom it would be wise to deal with all kinds of special issues like mold, leaks, electrical issues, etc. These will probably demand professional expert help that would increase your renovation costs. However, installing your new bathroom without taking care of these essential issues won’t do it justice. Furthermore, it would quickly destroy your new bathroom’s appearance, not to mention that it could even endanger your health.

At the end of the day, your bathroom renovation costs all depend on your individual project and how far you decide to take it. Implement these five essential tips and you’ll certainly reduce costs and help your wallet!