garage-door-and-bikeThe garage door in a home is regarded as the biggest moving part and is often used multiple times in a day. If you have put off your routine maintenance on this costly part, maintenance can often lead to repairs that are costly. Below are a few garage door tips to follow to help you with avoiding these costs.

Listen And Look

One of the best preventative steps you can use is to watch your garage door when in action each time you open or close the door. Does the door move smoothly or does it jerk in specific places? You should also listen to the way the door operates, does the door operate silently or do you hear scraping and grinding noises. Other observations should include checking whether both sides of this system which include the cables, pulleys and springs look symmetrical.

Tighten Up Your Hardware

The typical garage door will move upwards and downwards over 1000 times in a year. This translates to a vast amount of vibration and movements that can often loosen up the hardware. Examine and then tighten all the bolts and roller brackets using a socket-wrench.

Test Your Garage Door Balance

If a garage door is not balanced correctly, the opener is forced to work much harder and it will not last as long as it should. You can check on this issue by disconnecting the opener by pulling on your release handle. Now manually move the garage door to about halfway up. If the door begins to slide down, the springs or counterweight system is improperly balanced. A spring adjustment on a garage door should always be conducted by a professional garage door repair company.

 Inspect And Replace Your Rollers

One of the more important garage door tips includes your rollers. Whether they are constructed out of nylon or steel, they must be inspected at least every 6 months and then replaced at about every 7 years or more if your garage door is used frequently each day. Cracked, chipped or worn rollers must be replaced immediately. You can conduct this task by removing and then reinstalling any of the roller brackets which are not attached directly to your cable system.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

Making sure the moving parts in your garage door are greased up has the potential to add many years of a seamless operation of your garage door. You can use lithium grease on the screw or chain of the opener and spray lubricant for the overhead-springs.