Are You Starting To Get A Little Claustrophobic? Try These Techniques To Visually Expand Your Small Room!

Small living spaces can make you feel cozy and safe in the confines of your home, but it will eventually get pretty cramped, making you feel like the walls are closing in on you. There are several ways for you to sort this issue out. You can always knock down a wall to create a bigger space if you still have some room left to expand. However, this solution will take up a lot of your time, money, and energy. There is a much quicker and cheaper technique you can use to expand the room using colors and other methods.

Decluttering is the first move you have to make because the clutter is one of the things that contribute to making a room look smaller. Clear off all the unnecessary items on the shelves. Majority of the clutter should be thrown out, but you may leave some of the decorative items in the room. You will automatically see the room expand a bit the moment all the clutter is out.

When choosing paint color and decorative items for your room, always go for light colors. Lighter colors are able to help make the room seem larger than usua. Keep in mind though that you do not necessarily have to paint everything white. Lighter versions of colors will do the trick, not to mention making the room feel warmer, too. For rooms that have the right size, but the ceiling is too low for your liking, paint the ceiling white for it gives the illusion of height.

When picking out curtains, avoid heavy, opaque ones. Go with those that are lightweight for it will allow light to pass through, making the room appear larger. Installing larger windows will allow more light to get in, but this is only an option if you have money for remodeling. When your room has larger windows, you to get a better view of the world outside, thus making the room seem bigger. When installing larger windows is out of the question, you can always install mirrors instead because it will provide the same illusion of more space.

In this case, the smaller the furniture, the better. Large furniture, like a big bookshelf, will be overwhelming and cramp up the small space. It will do no good for you to fit as many furniture as you can in the room. A few important pieces matched with strategic placement will do. Heavy furniture, like a huge couch, tend to take up so much of the space and make the room smaller, while a few light-colored chairs will do the opposite.

The more light that comes into the room, the more space is created. Installing a few lights, some wall sconces or recessed lighting on the ceiling, will add brightness to the room during the night time or cloudy days. If installing light is not a possible option, you can always go for a few corner floor lamps because they basically create the same effect to the room. Always keep in mind that the brighter the room can get, the larger it will seem.

You do not have to adjust to a small, cramped space that is making you claustrophobic. You have several options to create a bigger looking space for as long as you have time and money. These visual tricks are great options to create a bigger room for people who cannot physically expand the space they have. Yet you always have the option of keeping it the way it is, I mean, after all, it can get pretty cozy.